Modelling material white CARIOCA 500 g (30996/31)

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Modelling material white CARIOCA 500 g (30996/31)


Product categories:

Creative materials Modelling materials

Product Index:170-2572

Quantity in package:24



– self-hardening
– ready to use, soft, pleasant touch
– opaque
– easy to knead and to smoothen
– can be applied to any surface (porous surfaces: moisten with water first)
– air-dry: no baking required
– finished works can be decorated with paints, e.g. tempera, or felt-tip pens
– perfect for home and school use, for hobbyists and artists, for art workshops
– covering finished work with protective varnish gives it gloss and durability
– store in airtight container
– weight 500 g
– conforms to EU regulations

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