Yellow One Disinfection Wipes 100pcs

Yellow One

Product categories:

Calculators & cleaning products Disinfection accessories

Product Index:125-1043

Quantity in package:1


– wipes designed for cleaning and disinfecting plastic and metal surfaces as well as equipment in rest and refreshment rooms
– show antibacterial, fungicidal and viricidal properties
– useful for disinfecting the office equipment, screens of mobile devices, monitors, keyboards, computer cases, laptops, printers, copiers, scanners, telephones, etc.
– dissolve grease, what makes them useful for cleaning and disinfecting sunbeds and tanning beds
– alcohol-free
– they do not damage or discolor disinfected surfaces
– short exposure time: 60 seconds
– pleasant smell
– size: 15×13 cm
– capacity: 100 wipes

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