Stapler EAGLE S5180 Save Force black 50 sheets


Product categories:

Punches & staplers, metal accessories Staplers 24/6

Product Index:110-1675

Quantity in package:12


SAVE FORCE collection consists of advanced modern technology products. The most important asset is reducing force needed for punching or stapling up to 50%. Punching and stapling of multiple sheets is no longer an effort – it becomes a pleasure.
– stable metal construction
– finishing elements made of durable material
– staples residue indicator
– force reduction up to 50%
– push button for easy front staple loading
– integrated staple remover
– staples up to 50 sheets
– suitable staples: 24/6, 26/6, 23/6, 23/8
– insertion depth 54 mm
– stapling: closed
– guarantee 3 years

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