Create and decorate: with FIORELLO diamonds, seqiuns and stickers every work will sparkle with creative ideas.

New FIORELLO brand has compact and consistent style, thanks to its characteristic rainbow design. Scissors, crayons, paints and other products under FIORELLO brand are designed for convenient handling in a kid's hand and to delight the eye with attractive graphic elements. FIORELLO products are perfect for any work at school and for children's craft work at home.

The series consists of three color groups:

  • red
    drawing (wax and artistic crayons)

  • yellow
    painting (water color and poster paint, markers, school brushes)

  • green
    school and creation (scissors, paper, balloons, abacus, counting sticks, sharpeners, chalk, compasses).

Series is still being enriched with new school products.


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